With a vision of providing the American market with creative, quality paper goods, Trang Pham harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to create PAD Group USA (PAD USA). Relocating to Orange County, CA from Vietnam, Ms Pham has leveraged her years of experience in the packaging industry as a principle of PAD Group Vietnam (PAD VN) and their outstanding capabilities, to bring innovative packaging solutions to the US market. By teaming with PAD VN, PAD US has all the necessary resources to support all of your packaging needs to provide quality, innovative, and value-added products.

PAD USA works with a variety of different industries ranging from food service to retail to product packaging to bring customers on-point product solutions. If you want outstanding, memorable branded products, PAD USA will fill that need.

PAD USA’s company slogan is “Over a quarter of a century bringing your products to life.” This isn’t just a slogan; it’s a way of life for the PAD USA team. PAD USA has assembled an experienced, professional team of individuals that are ready to provide you with answers and support for all of your packaging requirements.

For over a quarter of a century, PAD VN has been providing a variety of industries in Vietnam with standard and innovative custom products. Using advanced technology, PAD VN offers a wide range of printed products, high quality packaging, trend setting designs, and eco-friendly products. By maintaining an in-house design team they can easily collaborate with clients resulting in quick turnaround. Their ISO9001, ISO 14001, and HACCP certified manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce 10’s of millions of paper goods every month. By incorporating new innovative technology and years of manufacturing expertise. PAD VN has built a reputation of providing quality and value to companies large and small. PAD VN’s impressive client list includes major corporations such as:



Proctor & Gamble


Vietjet Air

Trang Pham

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Ms Pham has played an essential part of the PAD Group Vietnam team since the company’s inception over twenty-five years ago. Starting in an entry-level position, she has held many different key positions over the years. Most recently, she was the Chief of Operations. Ms Pham has a degree in Accounting and Finance.

Nguyen Hang
Director of Operations

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Mr. Hang has a prestigious career, which includes holding a position as a Buyer with Fujitsu Japan, Supply Chain Executive with New Zealand Milk, and Procurement Manager with L’Oreal Paris. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration and is a Postgraduate of International Business in the Netherlands.