What would happen with no trees?

First of all, the beauty of a mountainous or lush forest landscape would be nonexistent… 

But more importantly, we would have less oxygen, dirty air, a dry environment, and erosion that results in polluted waterways. Yuck.

Did you know that more than half of the world’s forests are already gone? They have been taken down by fires, deforestation, and development. But we need trees… they are a vital player in our ecosystem.

Let’s look at the chemistry of trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide for use in photosynthesis, a process that creates energy for the trees to grow using sunlight. Plants then give off oxygen as a by-product of the process, enriching the air with elements we need. Through respiration, trees also add humidity to the air. But if there are no trees, there is more carbon dioxide and less oxygen in the air, making it harder and harder for us to breathe, and resulting in dryer climates overall. 

Trees also filter and maintain the soil. If trees are gone, soil would become unusable with little nutrients for other plants to grow. Erosion would become rampant with nothing to hold the soil together. This growing erosion in turn causes contaminated waterways, making it harder to filter and treat water for consumption and other uses. 

And what would we do without trees when we consider the products we make from them? Wood for building, paper, books, boxes, and so much more… what about toilet paper? Rubber trees supply rubber and waxes from trees make crayons possible. So many products we rely on in our daily lives would be nonexistent.

So, even though trees are beautiful, and we would hate to lose that aspect of our world, they do so much more for us and the environment. If there were no trees, there would be no… us.

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